Cuckolds and Hot Wives


Cuckolds and hot wives - fet pagesCuckolds and everything you need to know about us: Do you want to know more about cuckolding and what it really entails? Are you super into it already and want to find someone to help you with this fantasy? Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Follow along with us as we bring your fantasies to fruition! First, let’s take a quick look at the urban dictionary’s definition.


When a man watches his wife or girlfriend have sex with another man.
“Ted got really turned on when thinking about his wife cuckolding with another man.”
Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s dive right in.

Why Do We Love Being Cuckolds?

There are several theories and explanations when it comes to why you would like to see your partner getting down and dirty with someone else. Some stranger. Maybe your friend, best friend even. Here are a few off the top of my head:

  •  It could be linked to another person being better in bed or more physically attractive than you are. This can be linked to BDSM– specifically the masochism aspect of being humiliated
  • Feeling shame for watching your partner cheat on you, also a form of masochism.
  • A “cum competition”. When a man knows that a woman is sleeping with multiple men, including him, he actually sub-consciously can have biological changes. His sperm count can rise and his thrusts will be deeper and harder during sex to try and be the one to fertilize her
  • Men could actually gain psychological gratification from knowing that others want what he has known as “King Bee Syndrome”
  • Mental anguish in people with heightened IQs can cause a form of psychological sadomasochism
  • There’s an element of escapism, taking a break from the restrictions and predictability of daily life
  • The thrill of competition and beating others in your particular sport, I.E. sex.

With just those 7 reasons listed, and I’m sure plenty more, it’s important to take a step back and realize that this desire is not “weird,” and many people are interested in seeing their significant other with another partner. Most of the research and theories available are based on heterosexual relationships, but this interest isn’t limited to hetrosexual couples. The principle boils down to simply being turned on by seeing your partner with another man.

Cuckolds and Hot Wives

Getting to know yourself before you have sex with others might be the most important thing you can do; yes, even more than communicating to your partner. Watching movies, reading erotic novels, and using your imagination can be the first step. Start by finding things you’re into and masturbating. Take it slow if you think you’re not ready to commit to an in-person fling. Joining groups on Facebook or chat rooms can also be really informative. Think of this like you’re looking to get into a new hobby or career. Informational interviews can help you learn more and get some real-life advice.

The key thing when deciding to embark on this new sexual path is communication. First things first, if you’re in a relationship where you are “seeing each other” it’s imperative to keep the other person’s best interests in mind. If you love this person and want to stay in your loving committed relationship, consider their point of view and be sure to go over all possibilities before presenting the idea. You can start with asking them to watch porn in this genre with you or reading one of your erotic novels out loud to them. This is a great way to gauge their initial reactions. If you feel like you’d like to try it IRL but are nervous to have the conversation with them, you can always go to a sex therapist or a couples counselor to have a neutral third-party in the room.

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